Hibiscus & Coconut Water | Mask 250g

Hibiscus & Coconut Water | Mask 250g

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You deserve amazing, shiny hair! The Urban Line was formulated to meet the needs of your hair and provide wonderful results in your daily life.

The Hibiscus & Coconut Water line was developed for curly and wavy hair, transferring a blend of vitamins and amino acids to help repair the hair and control frizz.



Step 1: Wet your hair and apply the Hibiscus & Coconut Water Shampoo , massaging the scalp;
Step 2: Rinse and remove excess moisture;
Step 3: Divide the hair and apply the Hibiscus & Coconut Water Mask along the entire length, covering the strands.
Step 4: Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and after the break, rinse your hair 100%;
Step 5: Apply the Hibiscus & Coconut Water Conditioner to the length of the hair and rinse.
Step 6: Finish your hair however you prefer.