About Us

Jane Sarrasi and Wilson de Oliveira established Floractive in 2010. Their mission was to create non-harmful & non-toxic straightening products for both professionals and end-user, to replace the toxic(formaldehyde) products on the market. Nanoplasty was born.

 The history of Nanoplasty systems first began with the founder's Jane Sarrasi and Wilson de Oliveira by a dream they envisioned, Floractive was the first to create a safe and effective composition for straightening hair systems called Nanoplasty. Nanoplasty's effective straightening system was formed on the cooperation of nanotechnology and intracellular nutrition, without formaldehyde and its derivatives, where safe ingredients of high quality are used, based on amino acids, natural oils and vitamins, which have passed the following certification system: 

  • International Center for Standardisation and Certification "Halal" indicates the compliance of raw materials, additives, products, means used, services provided and is a recognised mark and guarantor of compliance with the standard.

  • Certificate of the international organisation for standardisation ISO 9001, which is a direct proof of competent management of the company and is a serious advantage in the competition.

  • Registration Anvisa, Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency, exercises sanitary control over all products and services.

  • In addition to the above, the company is a member of the Brazilian Association of Personal Care, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (ABIHPEC) and an active member of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. 

Floractive actively distributes products worldwide, expanding our geography to more than 50 countries. We represent production interests in Brazil, continually improving the brand and its procedure with its products.
Everything we promote in the market is 100% safe. For the first time, hair straightening has become a positive system in the market.