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Protector Fluid for Chemical & Thermal Treatments

FloraPlex consists of our Nanotechnology to form an activated protective complex to hair during discolouration, colouring and thermal treatments. FloraPlex attaches onto the capillary fibres, strengthening and sealing the hair tips compensating for up to 94% of the colouring damage typically caused. With this technology, colourists can govern without fear of damaging the hair, even with the most challenging cases.

With FloraPlex, you can achieve lighter tones without changing the volume of the activator and the exposure time. It can also be used as a protector for any chemical & thermal treatment.

Main Assets:

  • Hydrolised Collagen (reconstruction and hydration)
  • Keratin (structure and force)
  • Ojon (emollience and regeneration)
  • Milk Proteins (stimulate the follicles, moisturize, desintoxicate)
  • Arginine (anamino acid that protects the internal layers)
  • Coconut Oil (helps the maintenance of the natural proteins of the hair during the decoloration process)
  • Moringa Oil (strength, brightness and nutrition, enriches the fiber, treating and replacing the melanin elements).